Dental Laser Treatment Advantages

Dental Laser Treatment Advantages

Dental laser treatment is revolutionizing dental treatment as we know it. Slowly the days of whirling drills and scratching picks are giving way to sleek and sophisticated lasers. Dental laser treatment offers a number of advantages over traditional forms of dentistry, making it a better and more efficient way to treat and prevent both tooth and gum disease. At University Dental in San Diego, we feature cutting-edge dental laser treatments, providing our patients with the latest and greatest dental technology. If you would like to learn more about dental laser treatment or schedule an appointment, contact us today by calling (619) 582-4224.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an incredible way to treat and prevent both gum disease and tooth disease. By targeting problem areas with a specially formulated laser, you can see a drastic reduction in infected gums, receding gums, and tooth loss. Gone are the days of painful drills and other treatment methods that have caused countless patients to dread their visit to the dentist, as laser dentistry is relatively pain-free and easy.

Laser Treatment Procedure

A laser treatment procedure directs a targeted laser-beam of light into your gums and teeth, using incredible precision to target any problem areas. The laser stimulates the gums, prompting needed growth as well as removing any unwanted layers of infected tissue. Dental laser treatment can treat a variety of different ailments, including but not limited to a bacterial infection, misshapen gum lines, discolored teeth, and unwanted gum tissue growth. As laser technology continues to advance, the application of dental laser treatment will only increase to treat more and more issues and diseases.

Advantages of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery has a number of amazing advantages when compared to traditional dentistry. One of the biggest advantages is that the procedure is more or less painless. Not only does this make the patient more comfortable, but also reduces dental anxiety that can make individuals reluctant to visit the dentist. There is also less bleeding and swelling, increasing your comfort level. This lack of bleeding and swelling is not only more comfortable but also helps lead to a faster recovery. All of these advantages make the benefits of dental laser treatment obvious.

Dental Laser Treatment in San Diego at University Dental

If you are in need of gum or tooth treatment from a dentist, opt for laser treatment. Not all dental offices offer laser treatment, but University Dental in San Diego is on the cutting edge of dental technology and offers dental laser treatment. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of dental laser treatment or would like to book an appointment, contact University Dental today by calling (619) 582-4224.