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Nobody wants to smile and unleash a mouthful of missing teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth or damaged teeth that need to be pulled, it is important to get replacement teeth as soon as possible. These replacement teeth are not only for aesthetic purposes, as gaps in your teeth can lead to a litany of other health issues. That is why it is essential to address gaps in your teeth with a dental bridge.

A dental bridge allows you to have fully functional and realistic looking permanent replacement teeth, so you can smile with confidence again. University Dental in San Diego specializes in installing dental bridges, so to learn more about dental bridges read on or give us a call at (619) 473-2565.

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What is Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a mechanism that fastens new replacement teeth into your mouth, using the surrounding teeth as anchors for the bridge. Traditional bridges are made out of either porcelain or ceramic fused to metal with crowns fastened to the top, allowing for teeth so realistic-looking there will be no discernable difference to the naked eye. The bridge should be permanent, and the crowns placed on top of the bridge should last about a decade.


When Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a permanent dental implant that spans two or more teeth. If you are only missing one tooth, your dentist will suggest a dental implant, but if you are missing multiple teeth the best practice is a dental bridge.


Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge allows you to have a full and complete set of teeth, leading to an upswing in self-confidence and smiles. However, beyond looking great a dental bridge can prevent other issues from occurring. Individuals with large gaps in their teeth are at risk of their teeth shifting to try to cover the missing space, leading to a misshaped set of teeth. These shifting teeth can also cause considerable discomfort, as well as the possibility of infection or other damage. Finally, a dental bridge will allow you to eat most foods without restriction, allowing you to lead a normal and happy life. The benefits of a dental bridge are clear, so if you are missing teeth contact your dentist today.

4 Types of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is one of the most common dental treatments, replacing missing, damaged, or decaying teeth. The great thing about a dental bridge is how versatile the procedure is, with a variety of different types of dental bridges to address each unique individual’s teeth. There are four primary different types of dental bridges. Below, you can learn more about traditional dental bridges, cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges, and implant-supported bridges. If you would like to find out which dental bridge is best for you, schedule a dental consultation with University Dental in San Diego by calling (619) 473-2565.

1. Traditional Dental Bridges

A traditional dental bridge is by far the most common version of the procedure. A traditional bridge features one or more replacement teeth that are fixed in place by dental crowns. Then, the crowns are firmly cemented to the teeth surrounding the missing tooth (or teeth). Therefore, the traditional bridge is only an option if you have strong, natural teeth surrounding the missing tooth. However, during the procedure the dentist will have to remove some of the enamel of these healthy surrounding teeth to prepare them for the crowns to be properly placed. The enamel will never come back, meaning that a traditional dental bridge results in you compromising the teeth surrounding the missing tooth.

Price: The full cost for a traditional or cantilever bridge is about $2,000-$5,000 for a single missing tooth

2. Cantilever Dental Bridges

A cantilever dental bridge is nearly identical to a traditional bridge, with one notable exception. While a traditional bridge requires two healthy teeth surrounding the gap of missing teeth, a cantilever bridge only requires one healthy tooth to attach to. This is what gives the Cantilever bridge its name, since only having one side secure can cause the bridge to act like a lever. This can lead to issues down the line, such as loosened crowns or damaged teeth.

3. Maryland Dental Bridges

A Maryland dental bridge is an attempt to address the biggest issue with the traditional bridge, which is the need to remove enamel from healthy teeth to place crowns. The Maryland bridge attempts to circumvent this issue by having a metal framework for the bridge and having this metal framework bonded to the back of the teeth surrounding the missing tooth. While no enamel is removed for this bridge, that does not mean it is the perfect procedure. Maryland bridges are held in place by resin, and over time the bond may break, especially in areas that are often used when chewing (such as the molars). The framework may also prove irksome to your natural bite or your gums.

Price: Maryland bridges are closer to $1,500-$2,500 per missing tooth

4. Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

If you have more than one missing tooth, than an implant-supported dental bridge may be the best choice. For these bridges, dental implants will be used to support the bridge instead of dental crowns. Dental implants look, feel, and chew just like natural teeth, making them a great option to replace several missing or damaged teeth. However, an implant-supported bridge requires two separate surgeries, with one surgery to place the implants and a second surgery to place the bridge. For this reason, although an implant-supported bridge is a great option, many patients opt for a simpler and easier solution.

Price: The implant-supported bridge is anywhere from $5,000-$15,000,

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