Root Canal Therapy in San Diego

Nobody is excited to get a root canal. People do not line up outside dental offices worldwide, eager to get a taste of that root canal life. However, if you have an infected tooth, a root canal is a needed and necessary procedure to help save a tooth from being permanently removed. University Dental Family Dentistry & Orthodontics specializes in root canals, making them the right choice for a root canal procedure in San Diego.


Root Canals Cost from $350 

What is a Root Canal and When is a Root Canal Needed?

A root canal is a procedure that is needed when there is an infection deep within the pulp of the tooth. The pulp can become infected with bacteria as a result of either an injury or an untreated cavity. If a root canal is not performed on the infected tooth, the infection can grow to the point that the tooth must be completely removed.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal?

If you have an infected tooth that is in need of a root canal, in most cases you will have a few clear symptoms. The tooth will be overly sensitive to heat and cold, as well as tender when chewing or even to the touch. There will also be prolonged pain, slight tooth discoloration, and possibly issues with nearby gum tissue and bones. In some cases, no symptoms will be present, which is just another reason why getting a regular dental exam is so important.

What Does the Root Canal Procedure Consist Of?

When you arrive at your dentist for a root canal, the first thing they will do is administer a local anesthesia to numb the tooth and dull any pain. The endodontist will then use a small drill to open a small hole in the top of the tooth, allowing them to reach the inside of the tooth. Once inside, the endodontist will remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth while also shaping the inside of the tooth and root of the tooth. Next, they will flush the inner chamber with water to wash away any remaining infected tooth pulp. The endodontist has now successfully removed the infection and will fill the hole with a temporary filling. After a few weeks and the tooth is healed, the endodontist will place a permanent crown on the tooth, completing the root canal procedure.

Root Canal Therapy in San Diego at University Dental

University Dental is the local root canal expert in San Diego, with endodontists on staff with years of experience with root canals. If you have an infected or damaged tooth that needs treatment, contact University Dental. We will exam the tooth, perform x-rays and determine the best course of action. Schedule an appointment today by calling (619) 582-4224.