Can Dentures Cause Health Problems?

Can Dentures Cause Health Problems?

Dentures have stood the test of time as a popular option for tooth loss, and their popularity is expected to stay!  As these dental appliances remain a prevalent choice for people dealing with full or partial tooth loss, it’s important to recognize when they may be causing a potential health concern requiring a visit to the dentist.  Keep in mind that most issues associated with dentures are treatable and that the benefits typically outweigh the cons.  Tooth replacement plays a vital role in overall quality of life by improving oral health and supporting the facial muscles.  If you wear dentures, it’s important to stay educated on potential health concerns and be proactive by maintaining regular communication with your dentist to reduce the possibility of complications.  


Common Health Problems Associated with Dentures

There may be times when your dentures raise a concern.  Certain signs and symptoms will likely occur and raise a red flag that warrants a visit to your dentist.  If you notice any of the following, it may be worth consulting with your dentist:

  • Gum Irritation and Sores: Imagine that you have been walking around all day wearing shoes that are slightly too big or too small.  After several hours on your feet, chances are you’ll encounter a blister, bleeding, or have aching feet.  The same can be said about ill-fitting dentures.  When dentures don’t fit properly, they will rub against your gums and cause irritation, which can cause sores, bleeding, and overall discomfort.  
  • Oral Infections: If gum sores and other open wounds are left untreated for a long period of time, they may lead to infections.  However, infections can also be caused by inadequate maintenance like not properly cleaning your dentures.  As with any foreign object that you place in your mouth, it may carry bacteria potentially causing infections or illness, especially for those with weaker immune systems.  Your dentist should give you comprehensive guidelines and proper care instructions but if you have questions, never hesitate to ask and as a rule of thumb, always be sure to keep your dentures clean.
  • Difficulty chewing: Chewing is a necessary component of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  When dentures impede your ability to eat nutritious foods, it can lead to digestive and other health related problems.  
  • Headaches: If you start to notice headaches or even ear aches while wearing dentures, there may be an underlying cause associated with the fit of your dentures.  Headaches may also indicate a potential TMJ issue,  which could stem from a misaligned bite as a consequence to ill-fitting dentures. 


How to Prevent Health Problems from Dentures

The best way to prevent health problems from dentures is to be proactive by properly caring for your dentures and tending to your oral hygiene.  Keeping a regular routine and following cleaning instructions daily is a good way to start taking preventative measures.  Make sure to keep regular checkups with your dentist, who can not only identify if your dentures are causing health concerns but may also be able to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or simply want to be proactive in your oral health journey, don’t hesitate to contact University Dental at 619-582-4224.  Our team is dedicated to your well being and comfort.