What Are the Best Colors for Braces?

What Are the Best Colors for Braces?

If your teen or pre-teen has recently gotten braces on his or her teeth, you probably already know the bands that go around each bracket can be just about any color. Also, there’s no need to pick just one color; many kids enjoy choosing a variety of colors at once! Rest assured, choosing colors for braces is not a long-term commitment; your teen can pick different ones at the next adjustment appointment.
What are the best colors for braces? The answer depends on the patient, but here are some ideas for your child to think about as he or she looks at the different colors of braces available.

Colors to Make the Teeth Look Whiter

Your child might not think much about how white his or her teeth are; however, if your teen chooses white bands, he or she might be surprised at how discolored each tooth looks in comparison. This is because teeth tend to have yellow, gray, or brown undertones that are usually not apparent until you hold something white next to them. Choosing white bands can give off an effect your pre-teen or teen wasn’t anticipating.

Choosing darker-colored bands can make your child’s teeth look whiter. Consider navy blue, mid- to dark green, maroon, or dark gray. Bright red bands can sometimes bring out a yellow undertone, so have your child try on some bright red lipstick or hold a piece of bright red paper against his or her teeth to see whether that’s a concern.

Colors to Match a Favorite Team

Whether it’s a matter of showing school spirit or just being a good sports fan, some kids will want to use the colors of their favorite teams. Often, but not always, team colors are black, white, or gold paired with some other color. If your family supports the San Diego Toreros, your teen might select blue and navy. If your family’s favorite college team is the Aztecs, your child can’t go wrong with black and scarlet! Of course, national league team and school team colors are also great choices.


Colors That Encourage Holiday Festivity

Most orthodontic patients get their braces adjusted every six to eight weeks, which means your child will have plenty of opportunities to dress up his or her teeth for upcoming holidays. Encourage your child to look at the calendar to see what occasions, if any, might be an inspiration for new band colors.


Braces color ideas for winter, fall, spring and summer

  • Spring colors – light blue, yellow, pink, and light green are perfect as the weather begins to heat up.
  • Summer colors – a rainbow of colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) could be the ideal selection for spring or summer.
  • Fall colors – brown, dark green, and maroon will be particularly festive in November.
  • Winter braces color – red and pink are good choices for adjustments taking place in late January or early February, while green might give your child the luck of the Irish in March.


Holiday Braces Color Ideas

  • December – depending on the holidays you celebrate your child could choose red and green; blue and white; or black, red, and green.
  • July – Red, white, and blue colors make a patriotic display in July
  • October – orange and black are perfect for October


When choosing braces with colors, keep in mind that if your child doesn’t like how they come out, he or she only has to wait until the next adjustment to choose something completely different. Encourage your child to have fun and experiment when selecting color bands for braces.

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