Veneers vs Braces: Which Is Right for Fixing Crooked Teeth?

Veneers vs Braces: Which Is Right for Fixing Crooked Teeth?

Are you unhappy with your smile? If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you may find yourself reluctant to flash your pearly whites with a big smile. Luckily, there are numerous methods to fix crooked teeth, including dental veneers and braces. If you are looking to repair crooked or misaligned teeth, which method is best, veneers or braces?


Misaligned Teeth Can Hurt Both Your Appearance & Dental Health

While it is widely acknowledged that crooked and misaligned teeth are not aesthetically pleasing, it is probably not as well known that misaligned teeth can also have a negative impact on your health.


  • Misaligned Teeth Can Be Difficult to Clean

All of the nook and crannies that misaligned teeth can cause makes these teeth much more difficult to clean. Straight teeth are much easier to clean, resulting in fewer dental issues down the line.


  • Crooked Teeth Puts Pressure on the Jaw and Teeth

Misaligned teeth put unnecessary pressure on your jaw and teeth. This pressure can lead to cracks, chips, or dental diseases down the road.


  • Jaw or Neck Pain

For some people, crooked teeth can lead to pain over time, with the pain mostly felt in the jaw or neck.


Veneers Vs. Braces to Correct Misaligned Teeth

Now that you know why it is important to fix misaligned teeth, we can now determine what is the best method to correct crooked teeth. Here are the pros and cons of using dental veneers or braces to correct misaligned teeth.


  • Veneers Are a Quick Fix

Dental veneers are thin prosthetics that are primarily used to improve the appearance of a tooth, most notably the shape, size, position or color of the tooth. The main perk with veneers is that there is relatively little downtime to fix misaligned teeth. When you come in to get fitted for permanent veneers, you will be equipped with temporary veneers that will immediately transform your smile. Then 7-10 days later, you will get permanent veneers to give you a beautiful and healthy smile.

While veneers can quickly fix misaligned or crooked teeth, they do not always achieve 100% perfect results. Another downside of veneers is that while they fix the aesthetics of your teeth and smile, they do nothing to address any dental or gum issues that your misaligned teeth may have caused.


  • Braces Offer Long-Term Treatment

If you want a more comprehensive treatment for misaligned teeth, braces may be the best option for you. This is a more long-term treatment, as braces can take up to 2-3 years to achieve best results. However, braces work to completely change the alignment of your teeth, resulting in long-lasting and amazing results.


The downside of braces is the long timeframe and high cost, as braces are more expensive than veneers. Braces also are visible on your teeth (with the exception of Invisalign), resulting in a less aesthetically pleasing smile. However, these sacrifices are worth it if you want the best results.


University Dental in San Diego offers both dental veneers and braces for crooked or misaligned teeth. Our team of dental experts will examine your teeth and determine which treatment is best for you, taking into account a variety of different factors that may influence the decision. If you are interested in learning more or want to schedule an appointment, contact University Dental Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in San Diego today. Give us a call at (619) 582-4224.



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