Traditional Dental Implants vs. Immediate-Placement Dental Implants

Traditional Dental Implants vs. Immediate-Placement Dental Implants

Dental implants have been around for several years and have all but revolutionized dentistry when it comes to smile aesthetics. As a way to efficiently replace missing teeth, they also offer durability and can be very long lasting when taken care of properly. Dental implants restore the function of your mouth just as your natural teeth would. 

With dental implants being so accessible, it’s important to keep in mind that there are different approaches to the procedure such as immediate-placement dental implants and traditional dental implants, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Not everyone may be a suitable candidate for each process, so let’s discuss the differences.


Traditional Dental Implants:

Traditional dental implants usually require more than one office visit, many times it will take multiple visits and stages.  The first stage consists of the implants surgery, meaning the implant is placed into the jawbone which ultimately needs time to heal. After what may be several months for osseointegration (the process where the implant fuses with the bone). When the implant has integrated, your dentist will move on the second stage which involves the abutment attachment and dental crown. 



Traditional dental implants have been around for a very long time with a very successful outcome rate. You likely know at least one, if not several, people who have implants. This is a reliable option for tooth replacement with predictable results especially when seeing a board certified and reputable provider.  


Since there are multiple office visits, you may experience a longer timeline. Keep in mind the additional costs associated with time, taking work off, or even needing to find child care. These are all things to consider. Additionally, because this happens in stages you may go a period of time with a gap in your smile. 


Immediate-Placement Dental Implants:

As you can imagine by the name, immediate placement dental implants mean you will walk out of your dentist’s office with an implant. Your dentist will place the implant immediately after the tooth is removed, eliminating the healing phase that takes place with the traditional route. 


Since the immediate placement of dental implants are completed in a single visit, you will reduce your treatment time along with the burden of having to travel into your dentist’s office multiple times. Another benefit includes bone preservation of both the bone and gum tissue, which usually means a better aesthetic outcome. If your dentists can attach the crown or bridge on the same day, you will also regain functionality immediately. 


Not everyone can be a candidate for immediate-placement implants. There are a lot of factors that both you and your dentist should consider, including the quality of your bone, gum tissue and overall oral health. These are all things that should be assessed by your dentist before any procedure decisions are made.  immediate placement implants may also have a higher risk of complications since it’s a more complex procedure. 


Comparison between Traditional and Immediate-Placement Dental Implants:

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to dental procedures and decisions. The decision is one that should be left to you and your dentist based on specific needs, preferences, and goals. If your priority is a quicker solution, immediate-placement implants may be the better route. If your end goal is long-term durability, traditional dental implants may be the way to go. At the end of the day, it’s an investment that you need to consider long term.


Who is a Candidate for Immediate-Placement Dental Implants?

Unfortunately, not all teeth and mouths are created equal which means not everyone is a suitable candidate. Your dentist will review your oral health, bone quality, history and likely more to evaluate your candidacy. Trust your dentist to offer the best plan based on your specific needs. 

It’s likely clear at this point that both traditional dental implants and immediate-placement dental implants have pros and cons with many things to consider before starting your journey. Regardless of which option you choose, remain confident that your dentist has your best intentions in mind. 

Are you seeking a permanent solution to replace a missing tooth? Look no further than University Dental in San Diego. Our team of dental specialists provides two exceptional options: traditional dental implants and immediate-placement dental implants. With our expertise and a thorough examination, we can determine the ideal dental implant method for your unique needs. To explore the transformative benefits of dental implants or to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out to University Dental today at (619) 582-4224.


Traditional Dental Implants vs. Immediate-Placement

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