Signs of Dental Implant Infection

Signs of Dental Implant Infection

Dental implants are a safe and dependable way to replace missing or damaged teeth. If you go to an expert dental implant specialist, chances are you will not experience adverse complications or side effects from the procedure. However, in some cases there may be some complications, with the most common being a dental implant infection. That makes it essential for anyone who is thinking about getting a dental implant to learn about the signs of a dental implant infection. The dental implant specialists at University Dental in San Diego list the signs and symptoms of a dental implant infection below, and if you have any further questions contact us today by calling (619) 473-2565.

1. Bad Breath or a Foul Taste in Your Mouth

One of the telltale signs of an infected dental implant is horrible breath and a bad taste in your mouth. If after the implant is placed you taste anything strange or no matter what you do your breath does not improve, it could be a dental implant infection. Try brushing and flossing, and if the smell and taste persist you need to contact a dental implant specialist.

2. Unable to Chew Normally

Dental implants are designed to act and chew exactly like normal teeth, so when you eat you should not notice any kind of difference. If you find you are forced to alter the way you are chewing after the dental implant is placed, it could possibly be a dental infection symptom.

3. Excessive Bleeding of the Gums and Teeth

It is normal for there to be some slight bleeding right after a dental implant procedure. However, if the bleeding persists after 24 hours, it may be a cause for concern. Excessive bleeding of the gums and teeth could mean the implant is infected, and you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

4. A Throbbing Pain at the Implant Site

A common symptom of a dental implant infection is pain in and around the new dental implant. You can feel the gums and area around the implant throbbing, and medication does nothing to make the pain subside. This is a sign that bacteria has found its way into the infection site and could be a cause for concern.

5. The Dental Implant Feels Loose

If the dental implant ever feels loose, either when you are eating or to the touch, that is a cause for immediate concern. A loose dental implant is a sure sign that something is wrong with the dental implant, be it an infection or something else.

Dental Implant Specialists at University Dental in San Diego

The key to avoiding a dental implant infection is choosing an expert dental implant specialist who will get the job done right. At University Dental in San Diego, we have a team of dental implant specialists ready to replace missing or damaged teeth with a new implant. If for any reason you do get a dental implant infection, we can quickly do all that is necessary to efficiently repair the implant. If you are interested in learning more by scheduling a consultation, contact us today by calling (619) 473-2565.