Front Tooth Replacement Options

Front Tooth Replacement Options

Our front teeth are vulnerable. Sports injuries, falls, collisions—there are a number of ways for front teeth to get knocked out. According to some statistics, more than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year. Fortunately, dentists can sometimes save the original tooth so that it heals back into place. And when that’s not possible, there are a range of front-tooth replacement options available when the tooth cannot be saved. 

Saving a tooth begins the moment it’s knocked out.  If it’s replaced into the socket within five minutes, there’s a high likelihood of success. The chances decrease over the next hour, but if it’s replaced within 60 minutes, the chances are still good. Of course, it doesn’t always work out, even within that time frame, but dental technology has advanced tremendously in recent decades to give us a few great front-tooth replacement options for restoring smiles. 

Listed below are four of the most common ways to replace a front tooth:

1/ Dental implant 

Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement options available. They involve a titanium implant that’s inserted directly into the jawbone, an abutment, and a prosthetic crown.  Dental implants look and function like natural teeth. They’re sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. And they also have the added benefit of preventing bone loss. 


2/ Conventional dental bridge

A traditional dental bridge consists of two dental crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, and prosthetic tooth in between. This option requires filing down the adjacent teeth in order to attach the crowns and support the prosthetic tooth. A conventional dental bridge can be matched to the color of the natural teeth for a uniform smile. Second to dental implants, the conventional dental bridge is one of the sturdier tooth replacement options. 


3/ Resin-bonded bridge

Also called a Maryland Bridge, a resin bonded bridge is similar to a conventional bridge in that it uses the teeth adjacent to the gap to secure the prosthetic tooth in place. But the difference is that it typically does not require modifying the healthy teeth in any way. Instead of crowns, the resin bonded bridge affixes special resin wings to the backs of the adjacent teeth. The benefits of the Maryland Bridge for replacing a front tooth are that it’s less invasive, more affordable, and can be done more quickly than some of the other tooth replacement options. 


4/ Removable partial denture

A removable partial denture is a prosthetic tooth that comes out of your mouth. It involves a gum-colored resin base and a custom artificial tooth made from models of your mouth. Typically the removable partial denture has metal or resin clasps that attach it to the adjacent teeth to keep it secure. Although this is not the most secure or comfortable tooth replacement option, it can be beneficial for the short term for use before a more permanent option is completed. 

Same Day Teeth Replacement

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