Dr. Armin Hage, DDS, MIADI Featured in San Diego Magazine

Dr. Armin Hage, DDS, MIADI Featured in San Diego Magazine

Dental Implants


Acclaimed implant dentist Armin Hage, DDS, MIADI, transforms the lives of his patients by turning the impossible into the possible.


“We’re unique among dental implant practices because we focus on finding solutions in a creative way,” Dr. Hage says. “My passion is to solve complicated puzzles. For me personally, it’s about fixing the problem rather than profiting from the situation.”


Patients can trust Dr. Hage’s experience and expertise. A graduate of the acclaimed Loma Linda School of Dentistry, he’s a master of the prestigious International Academy of Dental Implantology. Dr. Hage also serves as a faculty member who teaches other dentists about the intricacies of dental implants. “Through teaching, I constantly re-educate myself. Learning never stops.”


Dr. Hage is especially proud that his practice’s implant complication rates are well below the industry standard, reflecting his intense focus on quality and state-of-the-art technology. “We digitally plan every single procedure down to one-tenth of a millimeter,” Dr. Hage says. “We also rely on 3-D printing technology to fabricate precise surgical guides, which have become a crucial tool.”


Anxious patients can rest assured that implant procedures are virtually pain-free. “A simple implant surgery can be as easy as a dental filling,” Dr. Hage says. “Our focus on digital planning and advanced surgical guides allow us to rapidly perform implant procedures and maintain the quality that has made us so respected in San Diego.”


There’s an added benefit to seeing Dr. Hage and his top-notch team for implant dentistry: University Dental also provides general dentistry and orthodontic services. “Many of our patients require extensive dental work,” he says. “Our all-in-one approach allows us to address their various dental needs in one convenient location. And because we work so closely together, we’re able to offer the kind of top-notch teamwork that produces
excellent results.”