5 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups

5 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups

Most people know that they should go see a dentist every six months for a checkup. It is part of an established routine, something that is ingrained into the minds and schedules of people everywhere. However, have you ever stopped to think why you need a dental checkup every six months? There are a variety of reasons why regular checkups are an essential part of your dental hygiene, and the experts at University Dental in San Diego explore five of the most essential reasons below. To learn more or to schedule your next dental checkup, give us a call today at (619) 582-4224.

1. Stop Cavities Before They Form

No matter how dedicated you are to taking care of your teeth, there still may be debris left behind. Endless hours of brushing and flossing can still leave you with build-ups of plaque and tartar in small areas of the mouth you just cannot reach. That is where a dental checkup proves crucial. During a checkup, your dental hygienist and dentist works to eradicate any plaque build-up and tartar in your teeth, preventing the gradual erosion of the teeth that can lead to cavities. Developing cavities are nearly impossible to distinguish, so the only way to stop a cavity during the early stages is to go in for a dental cleaning every six months.

2. Prevent Gum Disease

When plaque and tartar buildup in the areas surrounding the teeth, you put yourself at risk for developing gum disease. Gum disease is when the gums pull away from your teeth, leading to gingivitis. Once gum disease strikes, you are at the risk of teeth loosening or even falling out! By going in for a dental exam, your dentist can catch any sign of gum disease and provide the treatment you need to prevent it from progressing into something more serious. Also, a dental cleaning can get rid of plaque and tartar buildup to keep your gums healthy and demolish early signs of gum disease.

3. Detect Signs of Oral Cancer

When you think of a dental checkup, you usually do not think of cancer. However, oral cancer, if not diagnosed early, can become very serious very quickly, leading to complications and in some cases, death. However, if oral cancer is found early in the process, it can be treated rather easily. Dentists are well-versed in the early signs of oral cancer, and during a dental exam they will be on the lookout for any signs and symptoms of oral cancer. The only way to make sure you do not catch signs of oral cancer too late is to go in for a dental checkup every six months.

4. Stops Damaging Behavior

There are a lot of habits and behaviors that may seem harmless at first glance, but actually can be causing constant and serious damage to your teeth. Some of these behaviors include chewing ice, clenching your teeth, biting your nails, chewing hard candy, grinding your teeth, drinking coffee or red wine, brushing too hard, or smoking. When you go in for your dental checkup, your dentist may notice some signs of damage to your teeth or jaw that may be a result of your behavior and lifestyle choices. They will point this out to you, giving you the kick in the pants you need to finally quit!

5. Detecting Damage With X-Rays

When you go in for a dental exam, you will get an x-ray. The x-ray allows your dentist to detect any damage or issues with your mouth and jaw below the surface of your skin, finding issues that would be impossible to find without this wonderful diagnostic technology. Some issues may include impacted or blocked teeth, done decay, jawbone damage, swelling, tumors, or cysts. All of these potential problems are impossible to detect without an x-ray until it is too late.

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Those are just five of the myriad of reasons why you need regular dental checkups. If you have not had a dental checkup in over six months, schedule a dental exam and cleaning at University Dental today. Located in San Diego, we will provide you with a thorough cleaning and exam at an affordable price. To learn more, contact University Dental today by calling (619) 582-4224.