Signs & Symptoms of Root Canal Treatment Failure

Signs & Symptoms of Root Canal Treatment Failure

In general, root canal therapy is an incredibly successful and effective treatment to address the presence of an infection in the pulp of a patient’s tooth. However, in some rare cases a root canal treatment can fail. Therefore, it is important for any root canal patients to know all of the failed root canal symptoms, allowing you to quickly identify if you need additional treatment.

At University Dental, our team of endodontists are experts in root canal therapy, and they can quickly identify any failed root canal symptoms. Below, we list some of the most common signs and symptoms of root canal treatment failure. To learn more about failed root canal symptoms or to request a root canal consultation, contact us today by calling (619) 582-4224.

1. Severe Tooth Pain

Following root canal treatment, it is expected for there to be some discomfort. However, any pain should not be too severe and should subside in a few days. If the pain persists or if it is very severe, it is possible that bacteria has found its way back into the canal and the tooth is once again infected.

2. Discharge from the Tooth

In certain situations, the treated tooth may discharge fluids following root canal treatment. This is a failed root canal symptom, as the discharge usually indicates an abscess has formed in the tooth as a result of an infection. 

3. Tooth Sensitivity

If there is an issue with the root canal treatment, the infected tooth will be incredibly sensitive to temperature and pressure. That means cold and hot foods or beverages will be unbearable to eat or drink, and any pressure on the tooth will result in immediate discomfort.

4. The Tooth Changes in Appearance

Any change in the appearance of the tooth is cause for concern. If the tooth suddenly starts looking darker or has any other changes to the way it appears, see a dentist as soon as possible. 

5. Sinus Issues

Oftentimes the infection in your tooth can spread to other areas of the body, including in the form of a sinus infection. If you suddenly are experiencing a runny nose, sinus congestion, bad breath, or jaw pain, it could be a sign that root canal treatment was ineffective and the infection in your tooth is spreading.

6. Swelling

If the infection is still present in the tooth following root canal treatment, you can expect some swelling in the area surrounding the tooth.

Investigate Failed Root Canal Symptoms at University Dental

If you have any of the above failed root canal symptoms following root canal treatment, it is essential to see our endodontist in San Diego as soon as you can. Treatment will be required to address the infection in the pulp of the tooth before the symptoms can worsen. At University Dental, we specialize in root canal treatment in San Diego, as well as addressing failed root canal treatment. If you are interested in learning more about failed root canal symptoms or would like to request a root canal consultation, contact University Dental today by calling (619) 582-4224.