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A smile is one of the great gifts in life. Not a fake smile or a forced smile, but a genuine smile is the fuel that sparks warm and fuzzy feelings throughout the body. However, some look in the mirror or see themselves smile in a picture and are horrified by what they see. If you are unhappy with the way your gums and teeth look when you smile, cosmetic gum surgery may be the best option. Dr.Hage is an expert when it comes to cosmetic gum surgery, and he can help contour your smile to your liking.


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Why Get Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Cosmetic gum surgery is for people who are unsatisfied with their smile because of how long or short their gums appear. Here are some of the main reasons people opt for cosmetic gum surgery:

A Gummy Smile

For those who feel they have a “gummy” smile, too much of their gum line shows when they smile. This results in the teeth looking short and an excessive amount of gums showing. Some feel a gummy smile is very unattractive.

Receding Gums

Receding gums can cause too much of the teeth to show, resulting in an unnatural looking smile. While receding gums is a cosmetic issue, it also is a health issue. When the gums move back from the tooth and recede, it can increase the sensitivity of the tooth and might be a sign of gum disease.

Gum Pigmentation

Some gums get too much melanin, resulting in the gums changing color and becoming very dark.

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    What Causes Cosmetic Gum Issues?

    High or low gums can be caused by a number of different issues. The primary reason for gums that cover a large portion of the teeth is genetics. Low gums may simply be passed down to you from your parents, but it also can be caused by health issues or some prescription drugs.

    Gums that expose a large portion of the teeth are usually caused by gum recession, which is where the gum tissue pulls back from the tooth to expose the root of the tooth. Gum recession is a serious issue, as it can cause tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. Gum recession can also be a sign of gum disease.

    Cosmetic Gum Surgeon at University Dental in San Diego

    If you are unhappy with the way your gums look when you smile and want to make a change, University Dental can help. We have expert gum contouring specialists on site who can complete a procedure to give you the smile you want. If you are curious if a cosmetic gum procedure is right for you, come by our San Diego office for a consultation. You can also give us a call at (619) 473-2565.

    Dr. Hage is very detail oriented, has a passion for technology, constantly invests in new cutting-edge equipment and has more than 1000 successful dental implant surgeries in his resume. Dr. Hage is well known for over-engineering dental treatment plans often at no extra charge for patients. He believes in Quality Dental Works Without Compromise.

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