Food and Drink to Keep Your Teeth White

Food and Drink to Keep Your Teeth White

Depending on where you look, you’ll find new solutions for whiter teeth coming out every week. While it turns out that some of these products do work very well, nature has had its own version of teeth whitening products for a lot longer. The good news is that all of these foods are delicious and easy to find. Check out this healthy list of things you might find in the kitchen that also help keep your smile pearly white.




It can be hard to imagine how something so green can turn teeth white. Well, the answer is in the fiber and the iron that broccoli naturally contains. In addition to the crisp fresh broccoli helping to polish your teeth, the iron creates a coat of protection against enamel degrading bacteria which can prevent stains. The high-fiber content of broccoli reduces inflammation in the mouth for easier flossing and brushing.




Although they can feel high in sugar per serving, raisins naturally induce salivation which helps to neutralize acids and other bacteria in the mouth. Saliva is a huge part of maintaining a healthy smile. The moisture from saliva helps prevent plaque buildup which can lead to cavities and staining.




While you probably figured that water wasn’t bad for your dental health, it turns out that it’s actually very necessary. The production of saliva is key to oral hygiene, and that’s pretty impossible without a nice daily intake of H20. In addition, staying well hydrated can help keep the mouth clean by gently removing debris and loose plaque.




Not that you needed an excuse to eat more cheese, but it helps your smile every time you say, well, “cheese” for a photo. Cheese naturally contains important minerals like phosphorus and calcium which is an important part of keeping teeth strong. There’s also a protein in cheese that helps to protect the teeth enamel, preventing stains and buildup. Naturally occurring lactic acid has also been shown to be an important part of protecting teeth against decay.




To this day, pineapple is the only food that has been found to naturally contain bromelain. In addition to being an important and effective ingredient in stain-removing toothpaste, bromelain is found to have anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.




Entirely unrelated to the pineapple, this fruit still has a great deal of benefit to the mouth. Even the process of just chewing an apple has been shown to help scrub teeth. Moreover, apples contain high doses of malic acid. This compound is commonly found in various toothpastes and possesses helpful cleaning properties.




This list just keeps getting more delicious. High in vitamin-C, the strawberry’s ability to fight periodontal disease and gum inflammation is just the beginning. Strawberries bring an antioxidant called ellagitannins to the table. This antioxidant fights the bacteria that attracts stains and reduces swelling in the mouth.




While there’s no substitute for proper dental care and regular trips to the dentist, there are clearly some pretty great foods out there to help keep your mouth clean and bright. If you’re interested in whitening your smile a bit faster than these methods, get in touch with the great team at University Dental for a free consultation today, and smile about it tomorrow.