General Anesthesia For Dental Implants in San Diego

Anxiety causes many people to avoid important dental procedures, even when doing so threatens their oral health. At University Dental, we understand how debilitating dental anxiety can be, and we are dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable. For those who suffer from extreme dental anxiety or who require extensive treatment, our office offers general anesthesia for dental work.

What is general anesthesia in dentistry?

General anesthesia is a deep state of unconsciousness induced by medication. The medications involved can only be administered by an anesthesiologist, a doctor who has completed rigorous schooling and training in pain management and anesthesiology. A dentist anesthesiologist is a trained and licensed dentist who has undergone an additional 3-year anesthesiology residency. Board certification requires written and oral exams by the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology. Dentist anesthesiologists work alongside the treating dentist. It is their job to keep the patient comfortable and still while the treating dentist performs the dental work. General anesthesia in dentistry is useful in treating patients with severe anxiety, gag reflexes, or discomfort keeping their mouth open for more extensive dental work.

What type of dental surgeries are performed under general anesthetic?


General anesthesia is available for all types of dental procedures. Some patients with severe odontophobia (fear of dentists) may opt for general anesthesia even for simple procedures. But typically, for simpler procedures, dentists use other types of sedation dentistry for people with normal anxiety levels.  General anesthesia is commonly used for:

  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental implant placement
  • Other extensive or complex treatments 

An extensive procedure, such as replacing a full arch or a full mouth of missing teeth with dental implants, can take hours. In the hands of an experienced dental anesthesiologist, however, it’ll be over before you even know it’s started—and you won’t feel a thing. 

Medications used during general dental anesthesia

The medications used for general dental anesthesia may include:

  • Propofol
  • Ketamine
  • Diazepam
  • Versed
  • Diprivan
  • Isoflurane
  • Desflurane
  • Methohexital

Every patient is different. At University Dental, our dental anesthesiologist on staff takes an individualized approach to each treatment. They’ll determine the best medication or combination of medications to support you during your dental implant procedure or other dental work.  


What happens during general anesthesia?


Prior to your procedure, you will receive instructions about how to prepare for general anesthesia and what to expect afterward.The goal of dental general anesthesia is to keep you as comfortable as possible during your treatment. The dentist anesthesiologist will:

  • Administer the medications, which may be done by IV drip, face mask, or a combination  
  • Monitor your vital signs during the procedure
  • Identify any signs of allergies or other complications 
  • Manage changes in your vitals 
  • Keep you safe and comfortable while the treating dentist performs the procedure

When the treatment is complete, the dentist anesthesiologist will reverse the medications to gently wake you. 

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    How long does general dental anesthesia last?

    You will slowly wake up when the dental anesthesiologist reverses your medications, but the drugs will take some time to leave your body. Anesthesia duration depends on several factors. including:

    • Type of drugs administered
    • Dosage of the drugs 
    • Duration of treatment
    • Your health

    Please note: Any time you undergo general anesthesia, you need someone to drive you home from your dental appointment.

    We care about your comfort

    At University Dental in San Diego, we place a high priority on your safety and comfort. If anxiety is keeping you from upgrading your dentures to implants, or if you have an extreme fear of dental work, we can help. We offer top-of-the line dental care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. In addition to our superior dental services, we also offer safe and effective general anesthesia to ensure that you have an easy, comfortable experience. 

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