Dental Emergencies During the COVID-19

We are open for dental emergencies during the COVID-19 related shelter in place order.

Toothache, infection, and any other dental condition which can cause severe oral and/or general health issues in the next 3 months are considered dental emergencies.

Teeth cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics with some exceptions for in-process cases, crowns, and small fillings are not considered emergencies and have to be postponed until the end of shelter in place order.


***If you believe that you have a true dental emergency, please call 619-222-6000 to speak to an operator.

Our emergency office is located at 3365 Rosecrans St, San Diego, Ca, 92110.

Our special measures are:

  • All staff members are wearing N95 masks and appropriate PPE. We also fit test the masks with the 3M kit to ensure proper protection for our staff.


  • We accommodate only 1 patient at a time in the office. Dental chairs are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use but are NOT used for another patient for at least 3 hours. That reduces our capacity to see up to 8 emergency patients a day.


  • We see patients in our Point Loma office by appointment only. Patients are screened over the phone to determine the emergency; as well as asked about recent travel and any suspicious symptoms.


  • Use of  special aerosol suction with UV chamber

We constantly assess our PPE supplies and try to donate our surplus to local hospitals. By calling us for true emergencies you help us helping local hospitals which are in desperate need of personal protective equipment.

Schedule an appointment today at 619-222-6000