Get A Second Dental Opinion San Diego

When it comes to major dental work, whether cosmetic or functional, it’s important to feel confident about your choices. Understanding the procedures involved in your treatment plan and trusting your dentist are two important keys for alleviating anxiety and increasing optimism for a successful outcome. Sometimes the best way to achieve this level of comfort prior to a serious dental procedure is to get a second opinion. At University Dental in San Diego, we fully support our current patients in getting a second opinion before moving forward on major dental work in our office. We also offer dental second opinions to those who are unsure of a diagnosis or treatment plan they’ve received elsewhere.

When do you need a dental second opinion?

Dr. Armin Hage, DDSA second opinion may save you money,  set you up with treatment by a more experienced dentist, or put your mind at ease before committing to a major dental procedure. It’s not necessary to get a second opinion every time your dentist says you have a cavity that needs filling, but there are some situations that warrant it. Here are some times that you may want to consider getting a dental second opinion: 

  • Before committing to an extensive treatment plan that involves multiple procedures
  • Prior to undergoing an invasive dental surgery, such as dental implants
  • Anytime you feel unsure about an irreversible treatment, either cosmetic or functional
  • You receive a serious diagnosis, such as oral cancer
  • You’re uncomfortable with the treating dentist (for any reason)
  • When a new dentist suddenly proposes thousands of dollars worth of unexpected treatment
  • You feel rushed into immediate treatment without being given the option to think about it first

Of course, if you have a strong relationship with a dentist you trust, you may not feel the need to get a second opinion. On the other hand, don’t let that relationship stop you from getting a second opinion.  

At University Dental, we prioritize patient comfort.  It’s important to us that you feel good about your dental work before and after treatment.  If going out for a second opinion will help put you at ease, we support it 100%.  And if you’re coming to us for a second opinion, we also understand that it doesn’t mean you’re committing to treatment. We understand the value of second opinions. 

Finding a dentist for a second opinion

The best place to find a dentist for a second opinion is through word of mouth. Ask for recommendations from people you know. When people find a dentist they like, they tend to stick around for as long as possible. If anyone you know raves about their dentist, get their name and number. Once you have a name or two, look at their online reviews, call their office and ask questions to get a general feel for their practice, and then, if you like what you learn about them, schedule a second opinion consultation. You can also ask your dentist for a recommendation. At University Dental, we know some pretty great dentists, and we’re happy to help.

What will I need for my dental second opinion?

When you come to University Dental for a second opinion, it’s helpful if you bring some things with you to the appointment. A copy of your dental records is the most important thing that can help us get a clear picture of your oral health history and genetics. You can request these from your current dentist. HIPAA Privacy Rules give you (and only you) the right to all your medical and dental records. It may be best to make the request in writing so you have a record. If you’ve had any recent diagnostic tests, X-rays, or digital photos taken, be sure to get copies of those as well. In some cases, the information you provide us may allow us to move through the second opinion process more quickly. We’re committed to providing every second opinion patient with a thorough evaluation so they can feel confident moving forward in their journey toward optimal oral health and a more beautiful, brighter smile.


Does dental insurance cover second opinions?

As with most questions involving dental insurance, the answer lies in the specific dental plan. Some plans do not cover second opinions at all, while others will cover second opinions by in-network dentists only. Even if your consultation is covered by your insurance company, they may not cover any diagnostic testing. This is another reason you’ll want to bring any recent X-rays or other tests with you to your second opinion consultation; it may save you the expense of additional testing. The best way to determine whether your dental second opinion is covered is to contact your insurance provider. You will also want to contact any second opinion dentists recommended to you and ask if they accept your insurance plan.

If you need a second opinion, University Dental is here to help. For more information about scheduling a second opinion consultation with Dr. Hage, give us a call at (619) 582-4224.

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