Are Zygomatic Implants Worth It?

Are Zygomatic Implants Worth It?

We’ve said it over and over again: nothing beats dental implants when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for them.  When a person has an insufficient jawbone to support the implants, a bone graft might help. But it might not. The good news is that for people with insufficient jawbone volume in their upper jaw, Zygomatic implants can be a great alternative.  And here’s why they’re worth it. 


What are Zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic implants are a special type of dental implant designed to replace the upper teeth. They are longer than traditional implants and placed at an angle because they are inserted into the cheekbone (zygoma) rather than the jaw. Zygomatic implants are particularly beneficial for those who have severe jawbone atrophy in their upper jaw. Unlike standard dental implants that take months to fuse to the jawbone, Zygomatic implants anchor securely and immediately in the cheekbone. An individual may require one or two Zygomatic implants on each side of the upper jaw to support a full or partial set of dental bridges, which can be placed the same day.


Why Zygomatic implants are worth it

There’s something about the word “Zygomatic” that makes some people nervous. But once they experience the life-changing benefits of their Zygomatic implants, those worries fall away. Here’s why Zygomatic implants are worth it: 


No bone grafting necessary

With traditional implants, when you have insufficient bone volume or density, a bone grafting procedure is usually required to build up enough bone to support the implants.  But with Zygomatic implants, this is unnecessary. Because they’re inserted into the cheekbone, the implants do not rely on jawbone density to maintain stability. 


Same-day results

The procedure for Zygomatic implants is completed in a single day. Even if you need teeth extracted, the extraction can be done on the same day as the implant placement, with no healing time required in between. And because no bone grafting is needed, no healing time is required for that either. You can walk in for your procedure and walk out on the same day with your new upper teeth. The crowns will be temporary, but your permanent crowns should be ready within a few weeks. 


Fewer implants needed

The zygomatic bone is much denser than the jawbone, so a single Zygomatic implant is strong enough to hold 3 or 4 dental implants. This means you can achieve a full upper arch of teeth with just a few surgical incisions. 


Cost effective

Zygomatic implants involve a single surgical procedure, which is good news for your wallet. Fewer procedures and fewer dental materials means you avoid all of the costs associated with multiple procedures. 


More options for those who cannot use standard implants

Dental implants are the most sturdy, reliable, and attractive tooth replacement solution available.  For those with insufficient upper jawbone density or volume to support standard implants, Zygomatic implants provide an excellent and equally life-changing alternative.  


No more denture sores or slippage

Dentures are a wonderful solution for those who are missing teeth, but they do have their drawbacks and inconveniences too.  Between denture sores, messy adhesives, and embarrassing slippage, dentures can become exasperating after a while. Zygomatic dental implants restore the smile while eliminating denture-related frustrations.   


Confidence boost

Missing teeth have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem. Zygomatic implants can restore a person’s ability to eat the foods they love, smile and laugh without the embarrassment of denture slippage, and live the life they deserve. 


Zygomatic implants in San Diego | University Dental

You can significantly improve your quality of life with zygomatic implants. They’ll allow you to eat the foods you love and smile confidently, so you feel like you again. At University Dental, you’re in the hands of the best implant dentist in San Diego. Dr. Armin Hage has performed over 10,000 implant procedures since 2005, and he’s committed to your comfort and satisfaction. For more information about Zygomatic implants or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hage, call University Dental at (619) 584-4224.